Cloth nappy care tips

As a mum who uses cloth at home, I want to pass on the tips I’ve learnt along the way (and what I wish I’d known from the beginning!!) Other brands care instructions can vary, so always check the label if you’re not sure.

Its best not to use any nappy creams, as these can build up and affect absorbency. Try using a liner if you need to apply cream (cloth is very gentle on the skin, so this shouldn’t be often!)
You can store soiled nappies in an open, or airy basket. Great air flow prevents smells. Although some parents like to store nappies in an extra large wet bag.

Wash routines vary, but we recommend prewashing your nappies, to rinse them. Then washing at 40C with a powder detergent as per the dosing instructions for ‘soiled‘ garments. No softener though, please!


Air drying your nappies will improve their lifespan - although a refresh in the tumble drier on low is great for softening the fibres up.

Please don’t put directly on a heat source like a radiator, this will damage the PUL.