Cloth nappies - what they’re made of?!

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The outer shell is made from waterproof PUL which prevents leaks! It has elastic around the legs, for containment of solids, and can be fastened with
The inside of the PUL shell is lined with a breathable, stay dry material called Athletic
Wicking Jersey (AWJ). This means that no additional liner is necessary (although you can use one if you prefer!)
AWJ is a fine mesh which allows for great airflow, keeps baby cool and also minimises stains. You might be familiar with sportswear made from this material.
Now, let’s talk inserts. We use hemp as it’s the most absorbent material we could find. But keep in mind it can take slightly longer for the liquid to soak in. If you have a ‘flooder’ try an additional insert of a different material with our hemp (think microfibre or bamboo) to get the benefits from both!
The hemp needs to be soaked or prewashed to prepare the natural fibres - it won’t absorb water when it’s brand new. It can take up to 10 washes for these to reach their full absorbency, but they’re good to use after a few.

If you like the sound of our cloth nappies, they are now available to preorder - with the dispatch date late October. Preorders of nappies include a 20% discount and will be limited to the first 10 orders.